Saturday, 31 January 2009

St. Brides

Outside in the courtyard churchbells resonate erillee every half hour providing a traditional backdrop for today's talks that are focusing on the design heritage of a dying format.

There was a little exhibition taking place in a small room downstairs as well. It focused on small presses around UK that produced very small runs and one offs of books or zines using pretty much nothing but traditional crafts. It's amazing to look at some of this 50 year old work and see how stylized it is that it wouldn't be out of place in show today.

Friday a few of us were lucky enough to get tickets to St. Brides to see the form of the book. Commenting, on the Past, present and future of the book with some guest speakers from around the world it was a long day which did see me nodding off a few times but it wasn't my fault, the room was really hot and the way they'd set up the mic's made the speakers sound like they were coming from another planet or something. Like seriously everytime I closed my eyes I just slipped into this dream world where I was picking up surround sound the voice of a german man who was telling me about an amazing book he made that managed to have more than one centre fold or something. But no, overall it was a good day. A variety of speakers some having only just graduated from the RCA. some needing a walking stick to aid their standing for the half hour. But they were definately the best. Richard Hollis gave an amazing insight into the design world that he grew up in, laying up books.
Just some other stuff I noticed whilst my mind wondered....

A Strange little man, with horn rimmed glasses.
Dressed in a 70's esc suit, pink shirt, BAD tie.
But look at that watch, it looks like he skinned a cow to make it's strap.

"Can you hear" he asks "Because if anyone at the back can't hear,
please raise your hand and tell us...
I can't hear, Yes ok lets begin"
LAUGHTER. *awkward smile*
He drinks more water . Do you think he does alot of coke?
Something making him anxious?
A rool full of people....
why are you sweating,

A good day. An amazing place. Will deffinately have to visit again... O and I almost forgot. Free tea, biscuits, OJ, and our own name badges. Nice touch.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

where's the motivation.

"daddy your squashing me!"

It wasn't particulary in the pub last night playing jenga. Although that kept my brain occupied for the night and it was quite funny to see what people had written over all the jenga blocks. Obviously happening at various stages through-out the night, showing the levels of alcohol people had consumed.
Was it in soho today? Had an awesome sandwhich at the breakfast club. chatted about a little wholemeal over some BBQ granary. Good day. Nice ride.... Now in the mood to work/
lets hope.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

100th post.

Went home for the weekend. Celebrated Jon Boys 21st by running around the woods shooting each other then 'chilled out' in the evening @ ricardo's house. I think everyone will agree it was a proper good weekend. Just what we all needed. So happy birthday Jon Boy. And I'll see you cats soon. Was nice to chill at home for a bit. watch some TV. have unlimited access to food and drink.
Oh also recieved my first record of the year. More to come soon.
Thanks 'L YEAH.

Friday, 16 January 2009


For mistry. A brief Labeling of the week we spent in that studio.
Think of anything else we needed?

The Brains behind the Gash.

Ever sat there wondering 'who comes up with all this GASH'.
Can it really just be one boy?
Does his head hurt?
The Answers to the last to are NO. Today I'm letting you in on a few of the Desk habitants.
And yes of course they help.
really must go to sleep now. Take the Chems to work tomorrow.

various updates.

Just finished my first week back to uni. Went quick. Got alot of work to be thinking about but I like that can't wait to start getting some results. Anyway the week before MISTRYgash set up shop down stairs and went to a few exhibitions to get our creative minds back buzzin.
It was sick having a studio downstairs and I think this year we're gonna try and do something with the unused room downstairs. Hopefully get some more hand crafted work done down there.
O and I finally framed that accept and proceed print I got. nearly a year on. Wonder how long it'll take me to hang it. ha. GASH OUT. Up in a few.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

our partying depends on it.
The Government are trying to introduce a ridiculous law that would control the music volume in music venues..


that's all for tonight.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Wholemeal Toast. Well not quite but this idea @ Camberwell came at a rather conincidental time. What do you think ESSELLE. The guys have screen printed onto toast here. But what about, as an advertising stratergy, we give away toast, on the night, before/after. And Rosie came up with the wikid Idea that It could have attached to it somehow a tag or label with all the night details that you read once you've eaten the lovely piece of toast. With marmite on ofcourse.

Not my work. But a nice influence that's for sure.
Time to get some shut eye.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

If theres a better midnight snack you let me know. Gash out.
Need to be getting up in the morning. But for Now just gonna get a playlist going on for work tomorrow. Hopefully something that will numb the constant pain that is Levi's and drown out the disgusting music that is R'n'B.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Just been playing around with some type. Think gonna screen print this.
really just like the simplicity and the I think the typography reads real nice.
Not bad for a hangover. Off to the Ben Crouch to talk to ESSELLE about putting
a night on. Keep your ears open South East is gonna get SPUN. I really like the
saying and I think it could be a good way to live this year. Something nice to look to.
Must get this printed.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Deaf people on the Tele.
Just watching some shit documentary on channel 4 which had a group of movie director deafs.
One of them came out with the unbelievable quote when talking about what they did before they decided to start directing films.
"We've done our research, We searched Google"

Oh nice and thorough there mate/ You're certain to go far.
Haha. As I write this I wonder will he ever find it?
Should I have just recorded this as audio and saved it on here. That way he would never hear me mocking him. FUCK IT. you silly deaf man.


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Had a nice chilled day in the house today. (i mean f**k how cold does it want to get outside).
Me and Mitz set up studio downstairs and just got to it. I got really into braille today. I think
it definately has a place in my briefs, just have to try establish a connection. But anyway here's
something I made, just to get to going. I really wanna get some of my work transcribed into braille. Its just got such a nice aesthetic about it. They talk about typographic texture. Well here it is.

Monday, 5 January 2009


Are happening but I'm not that good on html.
gonna try & get this blog looking nice though.
Off for a ride today Go to Cold War Exhibition.
Give you some updates later.

Gash Out.z

Sunday, 4 January 2009

twothousand&nine a year...

for change?
Mitz worked his magical hands over mine and Billinge's hair today.
Had to be done.
New years resolutions anyone....
say yes more?
Eat better?
Drink Less?
Educate myself.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

time for some f*@king cleaning.
we're talking German discaplinary style.
show em how its done mitz.


Happy New Year.
Hope you all had as good time as I did.
The party went off without a hitch.
Only having the council drop by the once,
at about 6. Finding it hard to get any sleep now though.
and the house needs some proper sorting.

The night was awesome. And the ESSELLE brothers
even let me get nearly a good hours mix in. They then continued
to rock the set all night long. TROOPERS.
Cheers lads.
check the photo's
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