Monday, 31 March 2008


the awesome card, dads gonna receive tomorrow\
well today when I go to bed and wake up again/G

whats the time..?

if your having trouble sleeping, like I do...
read this, then do what I do.
drag that time out....
designed @ 2:30:43... 1st April...
o yeah. HAPPY BURFDAY father.x]

right so 30 days ago. I promised some more posts in a few days, after winchester n all.
it was a damn good night. A messy one but a good one. And its been pretty mad since. But i've got some photos on now. To show how the lads do it....
it was a damn good surprise too, Jmase had no idea. right there not on this computer....
wait till friday.

for now theres bateman. enjoy his face.x]

errrmmm do you like elephants...
fancy a t-shirt.
more gash designs on that front.

wanna try and get em on
gonna watch Disturbia now.

I've been seriously slack on here. must have been well over a month by now.
But heres to a new start. 31st of march, from here on you have my word.... my work.
and my full attention.

and hows about this for a first......
talk of gash...

Saturday, 1 March 2008

O yeah so hey, I almost forgot its a new month,
time to get ill. theres gonna be some good shit posted in the next few days.
Off to Winchester now to suprise Jmase for his buffday.

Giant kaleidoscopes look fucking wkd.

At the TATE, 3D design take over.
was a good afternoon, this was one of the funest things.
Along with the shed where I got my free socks.
Secrets always get you good things.

"Don't Worry I Moistourised them TWICE".
they did smell nice to be honest. hahaha