Saturday, 28 February 2009

W/M cont'

WHOLEMEAL is going into it's final design stages. With this pretty much decided as the overall feel and identity for the night. Next up, proposal to go with the idea, website. And hopefully venue.Stay tuned as South East gets all 'olemealed up.

'Bird Flew Again'

Who is this man? Is he a man, or is he a bird? What is this music he makes? I don't know But I like it. Does he really have no post-production..... hmmm maybe, maybe he is just THAT GOOD. Possibly. He hails from a town like many other, it's called Berkhamsted (like only that one) It's ok, pretty boring to be honest. But it does seem to give birth to a few musical, genius's? No, no wait not genius's musical People it gives birth to musical people. But that's quite good as well. Anyway that's enough chitchat. Go listen to his music on myspace. 'B F A'.
And if you like it maybe you can buy it on itunes or something I don't know.

I'll keep you secretly updated on this thing.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Getting some idea's done for the esselle boys. Wholemeal Identity.

Monday, 23 February 2009



for some reason its not coming out straight but screw it. Its late and I should be doing some actual work. Now just to find a film to watch. Thanks today goes to Gaffen for getting CS3 to work. GASH OUT> AHHHHHAHHH
maybe this will inspire the boys and girls of thirty six to start doing some work together.... so far its just me right? O well. THANK YOU goodnight




for a day. Before and after shots tomorrow though.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

watch this video though. Simple and informative Jonathan Jarvis.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Go on rediscover your childhood.

Monday, 16 February 2009

A night of Canadian Metal

Secret cinema was the occasion (Czech it out)
So we headed off to The shepards bush empire for the night. No idea what we were going to be watching apart from the clue that everyone was dressed as either Metal Heads/Rockers/ or sleazy promoters. Obviously we assumed Spinal Tap was going to be showing. Wrong we were.
We found our way to our seats and were rewarded with popcorn, sensations and vitaminjuice. ACE> The theater filled with rowdy metal fans and there was an old drunk rocker chatting rubbish on stage. Then all the way from Toronto came couldron. A cheesy metal trio of skinny kids blasted out a couple of tunes. Followed then by a short film and then onto the main showing. Still not having been told what it was going to be. And being informed "its not spinal tap you idiots" But actually getting to witness the UK Premiere(ish) of a film that opens friday. called ANVIL the Story of Anvil. Anvil were a metal band from the 80's that toured with Bon Jovi, white snake and the likes but never ever got big or made any more. Now 13 albums later and with a combined age of over 200 they're trying once again to make this album work. With a front man who was the spitting image of my American neighbour and some catchy vocals the film documented their lives and struggles through small tours of pubs and finally a huge gig in tokyo.

You can see why we found it hard to work it out whether it was a joke or not. But no it couldn't be they were just too genuine to be fake. Just good men who play metal. Anyway after an hour n a half or so and having been promised a star guest after the film, Being teased with the likes of sir bobby charlton or George Michaels mum, we stayed seated. Only to be greeted by spot light at the end of the film soloing on a tier to the right of the stage was 'Lips' Front man of Anvil!!!!! HOLY SHIT. The crowd erupted and he made his way down to the stage where he was joined by Robb Reiner (drums), and Ian Dickson (bass). Dave Allison (guitar) had left the band with his eastern european wife after the documentary was made. So they played a few songs whilst the whole crowd was on their feet clapping, cheering, chanting. This was Anvils biggest moment. But it was about to get even bigger. Joining them on stage for their final song. METAL ON METAL! was none other than Scott Ian from ANTHRAX. What a night they played thier final song and everyone left happy. What a night. Secret cinema goes all out. LIVE THE DREAM.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Continuing a project that M?STRY/GASH started quite a while ago now. Still needs a slight bit of touching up but is pretty much there. 'The 36 House Proud' Rules for keeping our house nice was something that came straight from the state of our home. Not wanting to just moan about the state of it. M?STRY & GASH set about on a massive clean. After that and in order to prove the seriousness of what we were doing we headed down to letter press where we typesetted 12 rules in 12 typefaces. The outcomes we're nice but the other day I developed the whole project a little further when the house (sure enough) was messy once again. Taking a few of the posters and the mess I found just downstairs I stained, messed up, and dirtied the posters with all the things that had been left around. To prove the point more than anything else. But also giving the posters a bit reason and feel. Tea bag stains, chocolate spread, and alcohol. And to top it off whilst down in the workshop today someone liked the prints so much they asked to have one. So now Gash will be taking up a wall in someones house. Signed and sealed. A very good thursday.


One of my final briefs has been set by ISTD and *Frost. The title is ENVIRONMENT/TYPOGRAPHY/ENVIRONMENT. The basic question around this is 'Does typography shape the environment or vice versa?' My idea was to take the economic environment and the current state it is having on the area's we live in and how we live our lives. I know I can't change much about the state we're in but to get myself visualising abit more and writing a bit less I spent today in letter press. where I cut up the financial times, and tried to give it a subtle but positive feel. So that if you looked a little closer at it would make you smile. And worry slightly less about all the negative stories that cover it overwise.
Semi-transparent ink, positive quotes and san serif typeface. And together once printed on the off pink paper I think give a real nice feel. A Positive outlook that London is currently lacking. Typography shaping the environment. Two ways, One paper!
"Fear Less, Hope more" / " Talk Less, Speak more" / "think, and you will be".

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Press Packin'

So this is what GASH has been spending all his time doing at the moment. Along with a few select class members. We designer this Press pack to send off hoping to attain some sponsorship for our show. Fingers crossed. But I've got some more letterpress to show you as well. Just need to get back down there once more and add on the title. Then I can start my next self project down there.
anyone need an eye test..... I say no more.
Check the Bees n 'oney. It's come out really nice.
Too much written work at the moment. As all my projects seem to be going down a serious path for a change. Lots of reading. Lots of writing.
Hopefully it'll pay off in the end.
O and hyperkit tomorrow. More more more inspiration. The week is going well.
AHhh and how could I forget. Team 'cosmic sausages' scored second in the pub quiz last night. This beats the hell outta 1st apparently as for first place you win a meal which tastes like its been cooked by a troll or something. So we joyfully accepted our cash prize all 30 pound of it and spent it on sweets and chocolate from the shop over the road. (the rest on pints).
Awesome. GASH OUT. experiments follow this week. Z

Thursday, 5 February 2009

A year

The Esselle brothers are back. And nearly a year after posting their last mix up. They've got another. An awesome build up of Tech. Sit down, and listen. You may just learn something you f**ks.


Visuals to follow next week sometime hopefully. when I manage to get down to letterpress.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Name to a face....

Went to Covent Garden today. Just to get some art supply's etc. and as I picked up this months issue of CR. This passport photo caught my eye.
I like finding photo's especially passport ones. I can almost imagine a whole history behind it.
Like this for instance is,
Thelma she had to flee China. Becuase her parents didn't approve of the sex change HE had undergone. Now in England, he she tried to realise herself as a solicitor. She/he stole alot of money from all the wrong people. Now she's been kidnapped and is being held somewhere in west london above some sketchy club, until she/he pays it all back with interest. This is the last photo she/he had taken. She got it done to try and make another passport to escape these shores but got caught first. No one has seen or heard from her since.

"NO NO" she said as the unforgiving men told her/ him his/hers new career would now be to please sad cringey businessmen for no wage, but that to keep her alive.

A slight dark story. But there could be other possiblities. Feel free to add+
I want to find more and compile files for each of them.
Gash out.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The house that talfourd Built.

A soft kind of quiet.
An eerie kind of warmth,
swept over the capital

tucking almost everyone into bed for probably a few days.
It's dazzling blanket providing cover from the stress'
that loom just a few hours away on the other side of the pillow.
But maybe they won't come quite so early.
Maybe just maybe you'll stay nestled under the blanket,
as the city struggles to wake up from this comfort.